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Aurora: Chapter Seven (1/3)

Title: Aurora
Pairing: Akame
Authors: rikachi & mazauric
Genre: Drama, romance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What if Jin never left for L.A? What if KAT-TUN didn't debut in 2006? What if Akakame wasn't just a gimmick but a reality? What if their fate was in someone else's hands?
Disclaimer: Not our boys. Unfortunately.

Chapter Seven

Ueda Tatsuya saw it like an image before him, becoming clearer and clearer with each second. Nishikido Ryo, flanked by his unfortunate friends (Tatsuya called them unfortunate because they were unlucky enough to be dumb enough to choose to spend their time with a guy like him) and despite Ryo looking a strange mix of both sexy and ridiculous in his outfit, those nasty eyes of him were on Tatsuya again. Tatsuya felt both the urge to hit him and the urge to fuck him again.
What came to mind first, however was red and just as his hand balled into a fist, he felt Kazuya’s hand close over his fist. His other hand landed on Tatsuya’s shoulder and if the older boy weren’t so single-mindedly determined to beat Nishikido Ryo into a pulp, he might have fought Kazuya instead.

With impressive strength for someone much younger, Kazuya turned Tatsuya away from Ryo and turned him towards KAT-TUN instead “Calm down,” Kazuya advised “Walk away, just walk away.”
“Let me go,” Tatsuya hissed through gritted teeth.
The younger shook his head. He stopped Tatsuya with his group and turned to him “He’s doing this to get a reaction and you hitting him is just what he wants. It won’t make anything better so walk away.”

Tatsuya wanted to hit something. If he wasn’t allowed to hit Ryo, he wanted to hit something. He glanced at Kazuya, contemplating hitting him instead. Kazuya, who was watching his eyes, shrugged and held out his arms “Bring it,” the younger challenged “I’ll kick your ass.”

“What’s the matter fairy? Running away?” Ryo called after them. Jin watched the situation further away where he was talking with Yamapi. Considering KAT-TUN knew of Ueda’s crush, they all came to the rescue pretty fast.
“Shut it, midget,” Koki shot at Ryo coolly while Nakamaru made sure Ueda was a safe distance away from the boy. He didn’t want any fights to break out.

Tatsuya rolled his eyes, ultimately deciding hitting Kazuya wouldn’t make him feel any better anyway. He dropped his hand and let Taguchi, who came up to him, drape an arm over his shoulders and pull him away. Kazuya glanced back at Ryo before letting him be. He looked over Tatsuya and shrugged. Well, it was one crisis averted and something in him warmed at the thought that KAT-TUN had jumped to Tatsuya’s rescue so fast. It gave him hope for this group. He shot a small discreet smile at Jin before following the rest of the group to their spot.

Jin joined them not long after and when the practice started, the dispute between Ryo and Ueda was forgotten as they had to focus to the task at hand. The practice was long and exhausting and once it was over, the majority of them were ready to take a shower and go home as soon as possible.
Unknown to others, Ryo had kept his eyes on Ueda throughout the practice. Despite acting like he remembered nothing, he still did, and recalling the night they shared gave him unexpected tingles all over. Still, he remained quiet and wondered if he deliberately took his time showering and getting changed, would Ueda do the same.

On the other side of the bathrooms, Tatsuya showered fast. He was tired, he was grumpy and all he wanted to do was get away from everyone affiliated to Johnny’s. Spending too much time around these people was pissing him off and normally he had fairly good patience for all of them but not today.
He stepped out of the shower and dried himself off fast, reaching for his bag to dress himself. As he did so, across the room he caught sight of Koyama Keiichiro doing the same. Inevitably, Tatsuya’s eyes travelled down to Koyama’s ass for just a moment before he smirked to himself and finished dressing. He chucked his towel in his bag and hauled it over his shoulder, turning on his heel to leave. He could give this place one thing at least, eye candy was plentiful here at least. This he thought as he smiled at Koyama on his way past.

Ryo, who still had his eyes on Ueda, rolled his eyes when he saw the other check out Koyama. Only a minute later the thought occurred to him. What if he wasn’t the only one Ueda was fucking in the agency? What if Ueda was a maneater? Thinking about it, it made sense, it had been obvious Ueda was no stranger to sex between guys. But then again, he looked at Koyama. Koyama was, as far as he knew, seeing a girl. Frowning, Ryo sat down in the dressing room and ignored a few invitations to go out with others.

Walking out of the building, Tatsuya stopped when he saw Kazuya hanging out near the parking lot. The younger boy was dressed back in his ripped jeans and hoodie, glasses over his eyes and his bag over his shoulder as he leaned against the fence waiting for someone. Hitching his bag up on his shoulder, Tatsuya walked up to the younger.
“Come for some ramen,” he invited the other.
Kazuya blinked, clearly confused because he never hung out with Tatsuya “...really?”
Tatsuya shrugged “I’m hungry.”
“I’m actually kind of waiting for someone,” Kazuya replied a little regretfully. It was different and he wanted the chance to get to know his other group members more. Even someone like Ueda Tatsuya. But he wasn’t sure Jin would appreciate him running off without notice like that. Kazuya smiled “Maybe he’ll be hungry too.”

Jin always took his time showering and before him, Kusano walked out of the agency. It was no secret to most that Kusano was unusually fond of Kazuya and when he spotted the boy with Ueda, he flashed his brightest smile and hurried to them.
“Good work today!” he chirped happily. “What are you going to do now? It’s rare to have the evening off.”

“Ah, Kusano,” Kazuya smiled at the boy. Even Kazuya wasn’t ignorant of the fact that Kusano was unusually bright around him, that he had a fondness for Kazuya that had stretched quite awhile now. Not long after he entered the jimusho.
Still Kazuya actually found it cute. Given the cutthroat agency that the entertainment world was, he certainly wasn’t going to push away a willing friend when one presented himself.
“Well, I’m just waiting for Jin,” he told Kusano “What are you doing?”
Tatsuya leaned on the wall next to Kazuya and occupied himself with his phone instead.

“Oh nothing! I have no homework or anything. I bet you’re going to do something fun,” he mused, quite obviously asking to tag along between the lines. He smiled hopefully at the two of them. Ryo walked out of the dressing room and made sure to not even glance at Ueda’s way when he marched past them towards the parking lot.

Tatsuya didn’t even look up when Ryo passed, he kept his eyes on his phone. Answering a message from his sister. Kazuya, eyed Kusano and smiled. He was well aware of Jin’s possessive nature. It was in Jin’s disposition to feel a sense of ownership over Kazuya and the younger only understood that so well because he had it too.
He could see Kusano’s attentions potentially pissing Jin off if they went too far. Still he felt hungry too “Well, why don’t you come with us? If Jin agrees, we’re going to go out for ramen,” Kazuya offered.
“If he refuses, I’m going home,” Tatsuya added, his eyes on his phone. Fuck hanging out with anyone else, he didn’t have the energy for that.
Kazuya smiled at Kusano “Why don’t you convince Jin?”

Kusano was like a ray of sunlight and when Jin finally walked out, he sighed when he saw the people with Kazuya.
“We’re going out for ramen! Do you want to come with us?” Kusano asked happily. Jin gave Kazuya one suffering glare but agreed surprisingly fast. He was hungry as hell and he didn’t want to be on the news again for being alone with Kazuya. Still, he felt an annoyed twinge when Kusano took Kazuya’s arm and practically dragged him towards the train station.

Kazuya stumbled after Kusano, he glanced back at Jin but couldn’t look at him long before he had to turn back to see where he was going. Tatsuya pocketed his phone and followed them.
“Let’s get the yellow line out,” Tatsuya suggested “It’s on my way home.”
Kazuya nodded. It was out of his way and Jin’s too but they’d be able to take a train back later. Luckily for both of them, Kusano did not live their way.
They arrived at the station and as they were waiting for the next train, Tatsuya pulled sunglasses over his eyes and looked at Jin. Now that he knew Jin and Kazuya were a thing, he wondered what Jin made of all this. Lately Kusano’s attentions towards Kazuya had been getting worse and worse. It started in Hadaka and it was just getting worse. Like he really wanted to be near Kazuya all the time. Where Kazuya seemed to find it charming, Tatsuya just found it a little creepy.

Jin wasn’t blind to Kusano’s affections but he kept his cool. Telling Kusano to back off would be as good as just announcing their relationship to the whole agency. Kusano kept chatting Kazuya up on the train and even at the ramen place the boy seemed to be first and foremost there to talk with Kazuya. This left Jin and Ueda in an awkward position where they kept each other company.

“So,” Tatsuya spoke, sifting the ramen around his bowl with his chopsticks before gathering some, he glanced at Jin “How are things?”
It was weird and awkward because Jin was actually from his group, He was his group member, they should have been able to get along better than this. But the fact remained that neither had actually made the effort to. Still, since Kazuya was talking to Kusano about baseball, Tatsuya figured he may as well talk to Jin.

“Could be better,” Jin answered dryly and gave Kusano a glance only Ueda could read. “How about you? I saw that whole ordeal today.” He didn’t dare talk about it in more detail in such a public place but he wanted Ueda to know he had his sympathy. “He was being a little shit, you should ignore him.”

Tatsuya shrugged “I intend to ignore him,” he announced. He didn’t dare tell Jin about what had happened. It was probably just as well that Ryo didn’t remember. Although Tatsuya felt slightly cheated that he seemed to be the only one who remembered, he wasn’t going to crumble and fall because of it. The fact was he had now slept with Nishikido Ryo. Whilst that didn’t seem to quench his thirst for the boy, Tatsuya wasn’t nearly masochistic enough to willingly go anywhere near someone who kept putting him down like Ryo did. Ryo was an asshole, Tatsuya didn’t want to spend his time with someone like him. Tatsuya slurped down his ramen and leaned back in his seat “I actually just felt like doing something that’s all. I nearly hit Kame again when he pulled me back.”
A fact he was fairly certain Jin wouldn’t appreciate.

“You would have a black eye now if you did,” Jin hummed. Well, if Kazuya hadn’t punched Ueda right back then Jin certainly would have. Kusano kept going with his verbal interrogation with Kazuya and Jin gave his lover a subtle rise of eyebrows, asking if he regretted taking the boy along yet.

However Kazuya didn’t seem tired of Kusano at all. Just like in Hadaka, where Kusano was concerned, Kazuya seemed to have quite a fair amount of patience for him. Still, under the table, Kazuya reached his foot out to brush gently against Jin’s leg for just a moment before he pulled it back and continued listening avidly to Kusano.
Finishing his bowl, Tatsuya looked around the restaurant. His eyes settling on a slightly older man who seemed to be sitting at a table by himself. Tatsuya let his eyes run over the man for a moment, he was actually quite attractive. Since nobody else was paying attention for Tatsuya for now, Tatsuya allowed himself the time to look.

The man noticed Ueda and gave him a small smile from behind his beer glass. Meanwhile, Jin tried to break into Kazuya and Kusano’s conversation with little success as Kusano kept talking rapidly and excitedly. Huffing, Jin leaned back and ate his ramen in sulking silence, giving up.

Tatsuya was interested. Being nineteen years old and very much sexually active, he couldn’t say the thought of not trying to pick up another guy had crossed his mind. He looked over the man in interest and finished his drink.
Kazuya, seeing trouble ahead, smiled at Kusano and turned to Jin, actively inviting him into the conversation.
“So, um, Jin, we should go over the choreography for our concert,” Kazuya offered. It was an out and even Tatsuya saw it. He smiled and turned back to looking at the older man.
Kazuya turned to Kusano “Did you hear we have a concert coming up? It’s pretty full on.”
And a first for any group that hadn’t debuted yet.

Jin took the opening gladly and deliberately started to discuss their choreography, of which Kusano didn’t know anything. Still, the other boy tried to nudge his way into the conversation by making suggestions for improvements.
Meanwhile, the man on the other table gave Ueda an interested look and subtly gestured for him to come over.

Tatsuya glanced at the three boys, none of which were really noticing him. Kazuya was trying to keep the conversation smoothly going between the three of them and eventually they’d decide to go home, Kazuya would probably follow Jin home and nobody but Tatsuya would know.
Glancing back at the man, Tatsuya patted Jin’s arm before getting up and going over to sit at the other table instead “Hi,” he greeted with a friendly smile.

The man flashed a charming smile. The restaurant was quite empty and he called over a waitress.
“I can’t just let you look at me like that without buying you a drink. Would you like some tea?” he asked gently, flirting quite openly.

“I’d love some,” Tatsuya grinned. He looked over the man, short jagged hair that seemed to fluff in all directions yet retain some sense of neatness. He had nice eyes, a toned looking body and he didn’t seem much older. Perhaps in his late twenties at most, Tatsuya guessed.
“I’m Ueda,” he introduced himself easily.

“Yamauchi,” the man replied and asked the waitress to bring them some tea. “Have I seen you somewhere? You look familiar.” He glanced at the table where Ueda had come from and frowned. “It’s weird. You all look familiar,” he laughed awkwardly.

Tatsuya just smiled, he wasn’t about to tell the man that he was a Johnny. Not someone he’d just met anyway. He shrugged “Well, at least one of the guys over there is 16 years old, possibly too young for you to recognise,” Tatsuya smiled “Unless you spend most of your time looking at sixteen year olds?”
He hoped not. Tatsuya was well aware he didn’t necessarily look like he was nineteen, but this man was attractive and Tatsuya liked his face.

“Oh goodness no,” the man laughed. “But just to be safe, how old are you?” It was half a joke but the man, as attractive as he found Ueda, wasn’t about to get involved with a high-schooler. The waitress brought their tea and the man sipped on it with a pleasant smile.

Tatsuya glanced at the waitress and waited until she was gone. He turned back to the older man and smiled “Nineteen,” he assured him.
He took a sip from his tea and smiled at Yamauchi “How old are you then?”
Back at their table, Kazuya glanced at the older boy. He noticed Tatsuya talking to a man he didn’t know and frowned in confusion before turning to look at Jin. Subtly asking Jin if he knew the man Tatsuya was talking to.

“I’m 26,” the man confessed. “Must be an old fart to you, huh?” He let his pinky finger brush over the back of Ueda’s hand as he reached for his tea cup. He was an old-fashioned guy in a sense that he preferred more discreet ways of conveying his interest. “Say, would you need a ride home? I’ve just started my work after college but admittedly I spent a lot of money on my car. Would be a shame if I couldn’t show it off to a beauty like you.”

Tatsuya grinned happily, his house was close to here. That was why he’d chosen this ramen store. His mother was probably waiting to take him to his extracurricular lessons and during dinner he’d have to listen to his father go on about the fact that KAT-TUN was not a career and how Tatsuya needed to quit being a Johnny and be a doctor or something successful like that. He’d have to cover for his sister sneaking out after dark and wait for the day when she wouldn’t come back because she couldn’t stand their rules.
He leaned in “I don’t feel like going home just yet,” he hinted “But I’d love a ride.”

The man requested a check from the waiter and after paying he escorted Ueda to the door.
“Should you say goodbye to your friends?” he asked and gestured towards Jin, Kazuya and Kusano, who were still deeply engrossed in a discussion about the choreography. Yamauchi placed his hand on the small of Ueda’s back, the other one fishing out his car keys.

Tatsuya shrugged, he supposed he’d better. He turned to the table and waved until Kazuya looked up. Kazuya pulled himself away from the table, he got up and walked over to Tatsuya and the older man.
“Ueda?” Kazuya glanced at the older man curiously and turned back to his bandmate “Friend of yours?”
“I’m off,” Tatsuya told him “See you tomorrow.”
Kazuya looked at Yamauchi again before nodding hesitantly. He smiled and watched as Tatsuya wandered out with the older man. Kazuya watched them leave before turning back and wandering back to Jin and Kusano “We’d better head out too,” he suggested subtly “Jin, we really should go through that choreography. We’re running out of time before the concert and you’re still rusty.”

Jin nodded a tad too eagerly, but Kusano didn’t catch it. He pouted at the two of them.
“Fine, I guess I’ll head home then,” he said reluctantly.
“I have the car today so let’s go back to the agency and I’ll give you a lift home,” Jin told Kazuya and showed his car keys, completely ignoring the disappointed Kusano.

Kazuya smiled and turned to Kusano “We’ll walk you to the station,” he told the boy before leading him out of the restaurant. As much as he wanted to spend time with Jin ‘learning choreography’, he didn’t dislike Kusano. He wanted to be kind to him and as they stepped out into the darkening streets, Kazuya pulled his jacket closer over himself and smiled at Kusano as he led him back to the station “We should do this more often. Right now KAT-TUN is pretty busy with the concert...speaking of which, are you going to come watch?”

“Oh I’ll be there!” Kusano promised right away. “As soon as I can!”
Jin rolled his eyes. All that was missing was Kusano promising to suck Kazuya off after the show as well. When they arrived at the train station, Jin quickly bid goodbye to Kusano. He couldn’t do anything like kiss Kazuya out in the open but he was very much planning to once they got to his car.

Kazuya waved Kusano off, watching until the other was through the ticket gates and rushing off to his platform. He then wandered with Jin to their platform. When they got onto the train, Kazuya looked around. It was only sleepy businessmen and the occasional schoolgirl. He reached up to hold onto one of the rails and as the train started up again, Kazuya looked at Jin “Did you see the guy Ueda ditched us for?”

“Yeah. He looked like an ordinary businessman,” Jin shrugged. Knowing Ueda’s orientation he couldn’t blame the boy for trying to wipe Ryo off his mind. He looked around and wondered if anyone would notice if he kissed Kazuya. Still, he didn’t risk it and merely stared ahead.

Jin wasn’t that hard to read. The smile on Kazuya’s face said everything, he knew what Jin was thinking about. Because he was thinking about the same thing. But Kazuya just couldn’t risk it. Not only were there other people on the train but there were cameras and he was already used to being photographed without his knowing on the street so god knows who’d see.

The train finally stopped at their area and Kazuya happily led the way out of the station and back to their agency. At this time of night, only some of the older idols were hanging around in the practice rooms. Kazuya followed Jin down to the carpark and smiled to himself “So...that ‘choreography’,” he hinted subtly “Should we practice at yours or mine? Because I have to say Jin…” he smiled at the other and noticed Shige loitering somewhere in the background as he turned to Jin “...we need a lot of practice.”

“My parents are not home, let’s go to mine,” Jin hummed and when he got in the car with Kazuya, he had very quickly stolen a kiss.
“You know Kusano has a crush on you right?” he asked whilst pulling back and starting the car.

Kazuya was fairly happy with himself as he settled in the seat. The kiss had been enough to tide him over...until maybe the next red light.
“I know,” he hummed and looked at Jin “But what do you want me to do? He’s a nice guy.”

“Well you’re encouraging him,” Jin carefully said. “You know, if he gets too familiar then you should politely distance yourself a little. He feeds on your attention.” Pouting a little, Jin stopped at a red light and huffed, turning on the radio.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting jealous,” Kazuya watched Jin and reached over. He took Jin’s hand in his own and laced their fingers together “Trust me a little more, Jin. He can like me all he wants but he’s not going to get anywhere near me like you can.”
He kissed Jin’s fingers and let go so Jin could drive, Kazuya turned his gaze to the window instead “I’ll never let him take anything that’s yours.”

“I know that. I just don’t like seeing him want something that’s mine,” Jin muttered but he was appeased by Kazuya’s actions. He gave the other a small smile and resumed driving when the light changed. “Do you reckon Ueda’s getting some action already?” he asked harmlessly, eager to change the subject for now.

Kazuya thought of the older man Tatsuya had run off with and frowned a little “I hope he’s careful,” he muttered “Last thing KAT-TUN needs right now is a scandal like that.”
Still, Tatsuya had managed to keep his personal life a secret thus far, Kazuya was fairly certain he could keep that secrecy.
“Still, Nishikido was being a shit today,” Kazuya huffed “What’s his problem? Ueda doesn’t do anything to provoke that.”

Jin grinned a little. He, with Yamapi, knew Ryo better than most and if he knew anything about the boy it was that being a little shit was his way of coping with uncomfortable emotions.
“Well, my humble guess is that Ueda has managed to get in Nishikido’s head, in one way or another.“

Kazuya glanced at Jin, he thought about it for a moment before smiling and turning back to the window “Well if that’s the case, next time you see Nishikido, tell him to make a move before Ueda gets himself an older boyfriend.”
He had to give Tatsuya some credit, the boy seemed to be able to move pretty fast when he’d decided he liked someone and had interest coming back to him.

“I ain’t telling him shit. He’ll never learn if he doesn’t get burnt at least a couple of times.” Ryo was spoiled in a sense that he’d never had to work hard to gain the affections of the person of his interest. Jin supposed it would build his character if he had to fuck up a few times. “Plus, Ueda has an expensive taste so he could use a sugar daddy.”

Kazuya just burst out laughing at the very thought, he nudged Jin’s arm “Wait, do you really think there might be interest coming from Ryo? He seemed a little more straight to me.”
Blunt and upfront, but Kazuya had seen him checking out girls before. He didn’t seem interested in Tatsuya that way, simply interested in making his life hell whenever he saw him.

“I don’t know, but Ueda does bother him unusually much. Either it’s hatred or interest masked with hatred. Either way, Ryo doesn’t seem to be able to keep his mouth shut around him. Attention is attention.” Jin curved to their front yard and parked the car. His parents were at work and Reio was probably out with some friends so they were probably going to be alone for some hours.

Kazuya followed Jin inside as he always did. It was starting to become a comforting routine. He knew Jin’s place just as well as he knew his own and god knows they spent enough time at each others houses. When they walked into the living room from the front door, Kazuya looked around. The house seemed fairly empty. He looked at Jin and backed away innocently, wondering what Jin would do with this rare time alone they had.

Jin smiled innocently and walked up to Kazuya, grasping his arm gently and guiding him in for a kiss. His hand dove into the other’s hair as he angled his head and slipped his tongue inside the other’s mouth just briefly. They had the whole house to themselves for a while. His parents wouldn’t be home for a while and even if Reio came in, he knew about the two of them.

Kissing him back, Kazuya slipped his arms around Jin’s shoulders and tilted his head. It was starting to get easier. Spending the whole day pretending Jin wasn’t anything more than a friend. They’d do shows like Hadaka, they’d dance behind their seniors and they’d practice with the rest of their group for their first upcoming concert but when nobody was looking, Kazuya wasted absolutely no time in letting Jin know exactly how he felt about him. He hugged Jin close and started pushing the other towards his bedroom. They may have had the house to themselves, but Jin’s room was the safest place.

Jin complied and when they were in his room he shut the door and locked it just in case before pushing Kazuya down on the bed and crawling on top of him. Their kisses grew heated as Jin slid his palms up and down the curve of Kazuya’s waist.
“Kazuya,” he moaned the other’s name into the kisses.

Kazuya’s eyes fluttered shut and his hands slid up and down Jin’s back. He slipped his fingers under Jin’s shirt to feel the skin underneath and gently rake his fingertips along it.
Jin’s worries were for nothing. Kazuya could not and was completely unable to look at anyone else. How could Jin ever think he would?
He took Jin’s hand and squeezed it once before sliding it under his shirt and rolling them onto their sides so Kazuya could get Jin out of his clothes easier. He just wanted skin to skin.

Jin helped Kazuya pull his shirt off before doing the same to Kazuya’s. He pressed their bare torsos together and gave the other a few kisses before pulling back the slightest.
“Will you love me forever?” he asked quite suddenly.

The younger watched Jin carefully. Normally he prided himself on being someone with two feet firmly on the ground and in reality. Any realistic person wouldn’t be able to promise that they’d love someone forever and ever. They weren’t able to see the future and god knows what would happen. But one thing Kazuya knew for sure right now, it was that he’d never felt so strongly about a person ever before and he doubted these feelings would fade without at least leaving some mark.
His arms were tight around the other and his hand was resting on Jin’s face as he nodded “Always.”

“Good. Then I’ll love you always as well,” Jin smiled and kissed Kazuya again. “Now...” he grinned mischievously. “Where were we?”

To that, Kazuya rolled them over and straddled Jin. He leaned down, his eyes darkening with lust as his hips made their intentions known when he rubbed against Jin.
“Let’s make the most of an empty house,” he suggested deviously “I’d love to know if I can make you scream.”


As months went by it became apparent that Ueda’s new acquaintance was here to stay, and before long Ueda had even told him about his position as an idol. Yamauchi was soon a rather familiar sight at the agency parking lot, dropping Ueda off for practices every now and then. He was explained as being Ueda’s distant cousin but KAT-TUN, and ultimately Ryo as well, knew better. So far the Osaka man had done nothing about it. In fact, he seemed just as committed to ignoring Ueda as Ueda was to ignoring him.

Nonetheless, KAT-TUN’s concert was coming nearer each day, their rehearsals got more and more intense and Kusano had busted in their rehearsal room a month ago to tell Kazuya he had the day off rehearsals so he could be on the backstage cheering for him.

The day of the first concert, KAT-TUN were expected at the concert hall early to prepare a sound check and make sure everything was set and ready. After gruelling months of rehearsals, setting the set-list and preparing everything, they couldn’t be more ready than now.
The first to arrive at the concert hall was Tatsuya. Yamauchi’s car pulled up to the back entrance in the parking lot and Tatsuya groaned a little as he looked out the window and at the concert hall.

“First concert,” he muttered and turned to look at his boyfriend “No un-debuted, junior group has ever been trusted with something like this. Junior groups don’t just go up on the stage and own it themselves, what if I fuck it up? There’s a dance fight scene, what if I actually punch Kamenashi? What if I fall off the stage?”

“Relax,” Yamauchi chuckled and reached to stroke Ueda’s shoulders. “You’ll do fine. I would come see you if the concert wasn’t sold out you know.” He moved his hand to gently ruffle Ueda’s hair instead. “Go do your best. I know you can,” he smiled and pecked a kiss on Ueda’s cheek.

Tatsuya looked over Yamauchi and bit his lip “You could take me to work with you,” he suggested “I’ll hide in the back of your car and Johnny wouldn’t know where to look for me, it’ll be real easy.”
He was torn. He was one of the many people who talked loudly about being excited to stand on a stage and own it. They’d been dancing behind their seniors and no one in KAT-TUN regretted this concert. They were all excited about it. But Tatsuya felt overwhelmed by it too.
“If I fall off the stage and break my leg, will you carry me everywhere? What if I fuck it up so much and get fired and become homeless, eating rats and newspapers, will you still go out with me then?”

“I’m financially secure enough to take care of you if you get fired,” Yamauchi said solemnly before cracking and laughing a little. “Don’t worry about it.” He stroked Ueda’s hair back in place and kissed his forehead. “Go. You’ll be late. And don’t worry about anything. Just send me a text to tell how it went when you’re done.”

Checking the parking lot once, Tatsuya leaned in to kiss Yamauchi properly on the lips. He had to admit, he liked this guy. He felt comfortable enough around him and whilst he wasn’t Tatsuya’s world like Jin seemed to be to Kazuya (and vice versa) it was nice. He was stable and nice. Not too bad in bed either.
“Alright, I’ll go,” he promised with a smile before climbing out of the car and hauling his bag over his shoulder. With one more wave, he headed towards the venue. With so many worries about the concert in his head, he didn’t even have time to spare a thought for Nishikido Ryo...which was refreshing considering he still found the guy annoyingly attractive. At least he didn’t have to worry about that guy watching their concert.

Inside, the rest of KAT-TUN were already getting changed and warming up for the concert. Unknown to Ueda, while Ryo wasn’t going to be backstage watching them, he was still at the concert hall. The news of Ueda’s “distant cousin” had reached him and he knew the deal. And after months of ignoring Ueda, he couldn’t anymore.
“Hope your ass isn’t too sore for dancing, fairy,” he greeted Ueda as the boy stepped inside the hallway leading to KAT-TUN’s changing room.

Tatsuya stopped in his place and turned around to look at the other. Damn the guy. Tatsuya had been trying his best to get Ryo out of his head and to some degree, he had been successful. Yamauchi was a good guy and Tatsuya liked being around him. But some part of his blood still boiled, in a good way, when he was around Ryo. His stomach still tightened more when he was around the other.
Even though Nishikido Ryo was an entitled asshole and Tatsuya wanted to hit him.
“What’s it to you?” he asked, folding his arms “My ass is none of your concern.”

“It was plenty of my concern that night,” Ryo slipped before he could help it. It was hard to keep track of all the lies he told people, and he had almost forgotten Ueda didn’t know Ryo remembered what happened. “You sure are very generous with your ass, Ueda. Quite the scandal,” Ryo hummed harmlessly and leaned into the hallway wall.

Tatsuya paused for a moment and frowned, okay. This was new. He looked around and saw his bandmates in the dressing room. They hadn’t noticed him yet and that was just as well considering this new information.
He walked closer to Ryo and tilted his head “You remember?”

Well, Ryo was exposed now. It was no use to claim otherwise.
“And so what if I do?” he challenged. “Clearly it meant nothing to you, seeing how well you get along with this cousin of yours.” Huffing, Ryo stood up properly and started walking back to the parking lot where he had driven his car. Just for this, to taunt Ueda.

Tatsuya didn’t get Ryo. First he makes his life a living hell with his taunts in front of everyone, then he bitches about a night Tatsuya thought he’d completely forgotten. Tatsuya didn’t know what his aim was, what he wanted from him at all. He folded his arms and watched Ryo walking away “What do you want, Nishikido?” he asked “Because if it was to make me feel guilty about it, you’ve wasted your time.”
He shrugged “You were great, that night left me tingling for days afterwards but if you wanted me to pine for you or kiss your ass after you’ve finished calling me out in front of everyone, then you’re in for a big disappointment. I don’t date losers.”

Ryo paused and turned to look at Ueda. Walking up to him with an unreadable expression, he observed the other for a brief moment before grasping his chin with his fingertips and giving him a crooked smile.
“You know the truth. He’s lukewarm whereas I...” he trailed off, glanced around to make sure they were truly alone before kissing the other, effectively stealing his breath with his tongue in a brief, rapacious moment that was over just as soon as it had started. “Whereas I’m hot enough to burn.” He let Ueda go and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly before walking off.

That kiss had stolen Tatsuya’s breath completely. He’d managed to keep himself mildly composed when Ryo was looking at him but when the other had turned his back, Tatsuya had to grab the wall just in case his legs gave out. Glaring at Ryo’s back, Tatsuya tried to ignore the well of arousal stirring inside him and turned around to head into the dressing room. Fucking Nishikido Ryo. He walked into the dressing room and sat down on the bench, his fingers automatically coming up to touch his lips. He was in such a trance that he paid no attention to his bandmates and simply stared at the wall.

Not long after Nakamaru sat down next to Ueda and nudged him.
“Hey,” he called. “Are you alright? You not feeling well?” It was a big day for all of them and having one member not at 100% would be a huge problem. Jin was stretching in a corner and Koki had his headphones in, he was going through the lyrics to make sure he remembered them.

“Hmm?” Tatsuya looked at Nakamaru without actually really paying much attention to him. His mind was away with the fairies and he wanted to focus on the task at hand, he wanted to concentrate but he really couldn’t. Ryo had effectively robbed him of all coherent thought.
He couldn’t even remember he had a nice boyfriend.
Part of him wanted to run out of the dressing room, chase Nishikido down and….well that was the thing. He didn’t know what he wanted to do with the boy. Fuck him or kill him. One of the two. The other part of him wanted to snap out of whatever daze Ryo had put him into and focus. Kazuya, who was stretching near Jin, stopped when he saw Tatsuya and nudged Jin a little to get him to look too. Taguchi, who’d been dancing to the music in his headphones, spotted Tatsuya’s figure in the mirror and turned around to look at the boy. Tatsuya really was spaced out.

“Hey,” Jin snapped from where he was stretching. “Forget the awesome sex you had with your boyfriend and focus on the concert.” He grinned at Kazuya subtly, the same applied for the boy as well. After all, they had had awesome sex just before. Nakamaru looked around nervously but no one was in the dressing room with them.

Kazuya grinned back and went to the mirror to practice dancing. As he did, Tatsuya looked up at the two of them. He ran his eyes over Kazuya first, then turned to look at Jin. He didn’t quite know how to get his head back in but he knew he had to. For tonight, he had to forget everything about Ryo, about Yamauchi, and focus on KAT-TUN. After all, he still knew the secret that the others didn’t know. He knew that Jin and Kazuya had both been offered an out and they’d refused it. Of course Tatsuya knew better than to tell Koki, Junno or Maru about it but the fact was he still knew the two of them had sacrificed more than the others had at this point for KAT-TUN.
He felt the truth bubbling at his lips, a compulsive need to tell somebody that Nishikido Ryo was fucking with his head and it was probably his own fault because he’d brought him home and had sex with him, but he kept it in. Shaking his head, he got up, patted Nakamaru’s shoulder and went to Taguchi’s side to start stretching and getting ready.


It was the best feeling. Standing on a stage and knowing it was for them, not for a senior group. Every single fan in the auditorium had come for them and it was an unbelievable feeling. Kazuya couldn’t even put it in words. They went through their first few songs and Kazuya was in the zone. So was everyone else. The rehearsals had been gruelling. No junior group had ever been able to stand on a stage BEFORE their debut and do this so this was really a first for everyone but KAT-TUN handled it fine.

They danced, they sang, they remembered their places and finally when the MC part came up, Kazuya’s hair was sticking in all different directions, he was sweaty and panting just slightly. Then again, so were the others.
It was while the others were talking, catching their breath, that Kazuya turned to face Tatsuya. Over Tatsuya’s shoulder, Kazuya could see Jin as he shoved Tatsuya’s shoulder just a little. Tatsuya frowned and shoved him back, prompting Kazuya to hit him harder. This was the fight scene they’d been practicing for and if Kazuya remembered correctly, that annoyed look in Tatsuya’s eyes was just the same as it had been the very day they’d gotten into this fight. The mere reminder was enough to make him shove the older boy back with both hands, prompting Tatsuya to do the same.

The audience was both confused and excited about the unexpected turn, and Jin, as planned, hurried between the two fighting boys. Scolding them as rehearsed KAT-TUN then started a staged fight that drove the audience crazy. Ueda was finally kicked off the stage, the rest following him eventually as Kazuya was left on stage to explain the roots of the sequence and confessing their fight to the listening ears of the fans.

Heartfelt and honest. At least that was the point. A lot of rumours had been coming up of KAT-TUN fighting a lot and Kazuya would have been lying if he said they weren’t true. He spoke honestly and frankly about the fight, his feelings towards the other members and KAT-TUN as a whole before bowing and heading off stage.

One by one, each member of KAT-TUN got up from different parts of the stage to explain their side of things but the message was the same. As KAT-TUN, they intended to move forward and make the most of it. They went one by one until finally, Ueda stood up on the stage alone.
Tatsuya shivered, he’d been rehearsing his speech and even practicing it on Yamauchi and yet in front of the audience, his own fans, he felt underprepared. He cleared his throat and explained the situation, his relationship with Kazuya, his feelings towards KAT-TUN and as he did, all he kept remembering was the fact that Kazuya and Jin had both been offered an out. They could have left this group. Kazuya and Jin would have been very successful with Yamapi. Why then had they chosen to stay here with KAT-TUN? What made this group so special? Especially since they kept fighting each other all the time.

Tatsuya thought of himself, how little sacrifices he’d made for this group when Jin and Kazuya had already given up quite a lot, including almost certain debut. They loved KAT-TUN more than Tatsuya ever thought they would and it gave him hope. Not only for his own career but for the group. Maybe now really was the time to focus only on the group. The thought made him choke up, especially when he saw how many people had come out to see just them, how many had sent in letters demanding this concert. The fans started making more noise when Tatsuya’s eyes welled up and he tried not to but his voice broke and his sleeve came up to rub at his eyes. The fans were screaming as Kazuya appeared behind him and pulled him into a hug. Tatsuya hugged him back and he didn’t care who was watching, at this point, KAT-TUN felt more real to him than ever before.

The audience went wild and when they moved onto member intros, the feeling was much more intimate than before. One by one, the members of KAT-TUN performed their tricks to entertain the audience. When Jin was done with his, he gave the stage to Kazuya, looking forward to seeing his double backflip.

The music was loud, the lights focussed on Kazuya and the youngest member of KAT-TUN could not have been more ready for this. He flipped once and the audience screamed, he did it again and they screamed even louder and then he did it a third time and this time they screamed in horror as the floor slipped out of Kazuya’s reach and suddenly he was falling a lot more than he’d expected.
A sharp pain twisted his wrist and leg and suddenly Kazuya found himself on the floor of the venue hall, Kazuya hissed, barely noticing as the staff were rushing towards him to get him out of sight as quickly as possible.

Jin felt his heart sink when he saw Kazuya disappear from the stage and his first and foremost instinct was to run to see how he was doing. Nakamaru, as if sensing it, quickly grabbed Jin’s sleeve to keep him right where he was. The staff would look after Kazuya and Jin couldn’t leave the stage now. The staff gestured for them to go on as usual as they passed by with the injured Kazuya. Jin’s eyes were on Kazuya, looking him limp sharp like a hawk, but he knew the drill. He couldn’t raise suspicion by going backstage with Kazuya. A few minutes went by, the member introductions ended and they moved on to the next song.

Jin, despite staying on stage, kept glancing to the back to see if Kazuya would be back and when Kazuya’s parts came up on the song and he heard no one sing, he quickly covered up for them. They had practiced their songs together a lot and he knew Kazuya’s lyrics by heart already. Still, worry was evident on his face as he tried to see Kazuya.

“Just do it,” Kazuya hissed through the pain. Backstage, the staff were checking his ankle and wrist. At best, he’d sprained them. At worst, he’d done something else but nothing felt broken. His skin was going purple as he was injected with a painkiller that would hit him faster than a pill would.
Kazuya forced himself back up on his feet, quickly following the staff back to the stage as he heard Jin singing his parts. Kazuya smiled at the sound of Jin’s voice covering over lyrics that would usually be his.

He was given a mic and told to stand on a platform that would raise him to the other end of the stage. He’d have to join in, there was no time to warn Jin.
As the platform raised, Kazuya started singing too. Harmonising and eventually doing the melody when Jin realised his voice wasn’t alone anymore. The lights shone in Kazuya’s face and the audience let out sounds of both relief and excitement when Kazuya appeared back on the stage.

He was limping. He couldn’t stand properly and he had to lean on his left leg because his right couldn’t hold his weight. But he continued to sing. Behind him, he could hear Jin on the other side of the stage but he couldn’t spare a glance back at him, lest he be obvious. He was jacked on painkillers, limping and unable to hold the mic with his right hand.. But he was determined to get through this.

Jin, when he heard Kazuya join in, immediately felt a small twinge of relief. When he saw Kazuya’s figure walking towards the front of the stage, he couldn’t really stay still any longer, he strided to the younger and placed a hand on his back, escorting him back to the front, ready to catch him should he fall. It was the most he could do in front of these thousands of eyes.

Someone would try and make a connection. Of that, Kazuya had no doubt. It didn’t help that he and Jin already had rumours attached to them but at this point, Kazuya couldn’t care. He continued singing with Jin, limping and walking alongside him with Jin’s warm hand on his back. Kazuya couldn’t show anything in front of so many people but he felt very much cared for as he glanced at his bandmate and lover.

Jin gave the other a very brief, inquiring look, wordlessly asking if he was okay and conveying his concern for the other. He wish he could just hoist the other up, give him a kiss and carry him to the front of the stage and have him sit down for the remaining part of the concert but he couldn’t, all he had to do was to hope Kazuya could hold on until the end.

What he got in return was a small nod. Kazuya smiled, he’d be fine, he didn’t have much longer for the concert to go and he’d get through this fine enough. He limped his way to his next spot, where Tatsuya was watching him. The older boy sent him an enquiring look, satisfied when Kazuya nodded to him too. They had nothing to do but carry on.

The rest of the concert went fine and when they were finally done with the encore and were allowed backstage, Jin dared to approach Kazuya.
“You alright?” he asked. Still very much aware the rest of KAT-TUN were watching, he left it at that. “You should go get checked at the hospital.”

Kazuya winced a little, the painkillers were wearing off and he looked at his wrist. It was really dark purple now. He wanted to lean into Jin, he wanted to hug and kiss him but the staff wandered into the dressing room shortly after.
“Kamenashi-kun, we’re taking you to the hospital. Your parents will meet us there and take you from there,” they announced.
Kazuya blinked at Jin and the staff headed back to the door “We’ll give you a moment to change and grab your bag, please meet the driver outside the door and he’ll take you.”

They left and Kazuya looked over his outfit before limping to his spot and precariously changing. It wasn’t easy. Every single time he moved his wrist or ankle, he hissed quietly to himself.
“Kame are you alright?” Junno asked from where he was changing “Did you want one of us to come with you?”
“If Kusano could, he would,” Tatsuya muttered quietly “No doubt he was in the audience and saw that.”

“He’s backstage,” Jin corrected quietly. And surely enough, Kusano bursted in the dressing room a second later.

“Kame-chan!” he exclaimed and hurried to hug the boy. “I was so worried! Are you alright?”
Jin rolled his eyes to himself and focused on getting changed instead. He wouldn’t be able to accompany Kazuya to the hospital anyway, not if the staff were going to escort him there.

“OW!” Kazuya yelped when Kusano’s hug squished his wrist. He winced and stumbled back a bit “I’m alright, I’m sorry, I’m alright Kusano. Thank you for your concern.”
His wrist was burning, pulsing as he tried to peel himself out of his stage outfit and reach for his shirt. “I’m just going to go to the hospital,” he explained to Kusano.

“Oh, it must be serious then!” Kusano gasped, shocked. “Do you need someone to come keep you company?” he inquired innocently and smiled sheepishly. It would be a dream come true to go to the hospital with Kazuya. Maybe he’d get to be the first to sign his cast if he got one. In the corner, Jin grumbled to himself on his way to the showers.

Kazuya wasn’t really worried. He’d be taken there by the driver and they’d stay with him until his parents arrived. Then they’d probably fuss and take him home, he’d have pain medication and the problem would be solved. He didn’t really need anyone to accompany him to the hospital, he wasn’t a baby. But if he could have someone…
“Thank you Kusano,” he smiled and pulled his shirt off “But I’ll be okay. Really. My parents will probably take me straight home afterwards anyway.”
He pulled a new shirt on painstakingly and looked down at his pants with a long suffering sigh. Limping to the bench, he started working on his pants as much as he could without hurting himself too much.

Kusano looked openly disappointed, but he caught the hint soon enough and left with cheerful goodbyes. Jin was sulking under the shower while the rest of KAT-TUN asked Kazuya more questions to figure out what happened. Koki found it almost comical while Nakamaru was quietly worried about the special treatment Jin had given Kazuya on stage, going to help him back on stage despite being told to stay put and keep his position.

Kazuya quietly got through them, changing all the while and when he was finally in his own clothes, his bag on his shoulder and ready to leave, he thought about being doped up with painkillers, sleeping in his own room, probably being teased by his brothers for flipping off the stage and he winced. He looked at the showers and limped towards them, peeking inside to see Jin. Across the wall from him was Tatsuya and Junno was somewhere at the end of the showers.
“Jin,” he called quietly.

Jin turned around to look at Kazuya.
“Will you be alright?” he asked, not minding Tatsuya because he already knew. “Do you want me to come with you?” Maybe they could pull it off, after all they were very good friends in the eyes of the agency and Kazuya’s parents knew about them.

Kazuya nodded “I’ll be alright,” he assured Jin. He would be. He was fine. Everything would be fine and straightforward but…
“Come with me,” he asked quietly.
Tatsuya glanced at them for a moment before going back to washing his hair. How nice it must be to have a relationship like that...and at the same time how tiring it must be to keep it hidden all the time.

Jin nodded.
“Give me a couple of minutes,” he told Kazuya and turned back around to hastily finish his shower routine. He got out of the showers and looked around. Nakamaru was only now entering the shower and the rest were already in so Jin deemed it safe enough to give Kazuya a small kiss on the forehead. Jin got in his loose post-workout clothes and proceeded to walk to the dressing room door with Kazuya. Luckily, when they got to the car the driver didn’t seem to care about Jin coming along with Kazuya.

Kazuya sat in the back with Jin. As the car headed quickly down the road, he lifted his wrist and looked over it. It was swollen now, an ugly dark purple and sensitive to the touch. It was also letting off heat as Kazuya hovered his finger near it.
“I was stupid enough to do three backflips instead of two,” Kazuya huffed, slightly amused at himself. He looked at Jin “I thought I could make it.”

“Well you would’ve if you had taken the time to see where the edge of the stage is beforehand,” Jin pestered just a little. They couldn’t really do anything in the car with the driver present but it warmed Jin’s mind to know Kazuya still wanted him to come along and be there, even if Kazuya’s injuries were minor.

The younger just laughed and leaned back in his chair “Here I thought the worst thing that could happen would be one of us screws up the dance choreography.”
He’d been gunning on it being Ueda or something. Not himself.
When they pulled into the hospital, Kazuya limped after the driver with Jin closeby. He was taken to a nurse who promptly moved him into his own curtained section. Kazuya sat on the bed and the driver headed off as the nurse went to close the curtains to give them a sense of privacy.

Kazuya looked around as the nurse on call left them alone for a moment. She disappeared through the curtains and Kazuya looked over his wrist. He’d landed on it but the way he could still wiggle his fingers told him he hadn’t broken it at least.
He turned his gaze to Jin next to him and smiled tiredly “You were brilliant tonight,” he told him, making sure to keep his voice quiet enough so the person in the next area beyond the curtains wouldn’t hear them.

“Huh?” Jin asked, he had been spacing out. “I did nothing special tonight?” he stated in confusion. He looked over Kazuya’s wrist, it looked like it hurt but luckily it didn’t seem broken. “Do you have pain anywhere else? Your legs?” Jin poked at one of Kazuya’s thighs carefully.

The younger looked down and leaned down to take his shoe off. He pulled off the sock as well and winced when he saw his ankle was just as swollen and red.
“I landed on it funny so I’m not surprised,” he muttered and looked at Jin “Sorry, you’re going to have to just carry me everywhere from now on.”
He glanced at the curtain but it didn’t look like anyone was going to come in so he leaned in to kiss Jin on the lips briefly before pulling back.

“I’ll get you a wheelchair,” Jin decided immediately. As much as he’d like to carry Kazuya everywhere it would be extremely suspicious. Still, he grinned briefly at the suggestion before giving Kazuya a kiss in response. “You did extremely well today. I know it must’ve been painful to get back on stage after that fall.”

The younger screwed up his face at the suggestion “I don’t need a wheelchair,” he huffed. So long as he still had one working leg, his pride would not allow him to be wheeled around.
He also had the sneaking suspicion Jin would have way too much fun with something like that. Wheeling Kazuya around.
Kazuya smiled but it should have been obvious he’d never back down, he wouldn’t stop coming back onstage unless he was knocked unconscious. It was his pride and professional sense that stopped him from doing so. Between them, Kazuya closed his fingers over Jin’s and shook his head “None of our seniors would have accepted such an excuse to stay off the stage and neither will I.”

Jin smiled but had to hastily shake Kazuya’s hand off when he heard the nurse come back... With a wheelchair.
“Kamenashi-san, we’ll need to take an xray of your wrist and ankle,” she told the boy and went onto help him on the wheelchair. Jin quickly covered his mouth with his hand to keep back a huge grin at the irony.

Kazuya could hear Jin laughing even though the guy wasn’t. He shot him a look, almost as if to say ‘shut up’ as he was wheeled away to be x-rayed. Whilst he was gone, the curtain pulled back again as Kazuya’s younger brother, Yuya, appeared.
“Ah, there you are Jin,” Yuya grinned “Where’s Kazu?”

“Getting x-rayed,” Jin told him and leaned back on the chair. “It was a truly marvellous backflip he did, only that it was right off the stage. Where are your parents?” Just then, Kazuya’s mother appeared. Asking a few questions about what happened, she then settled for waiting patiently. Being the mother of four lively boys, she was certainly not a stranger to them getting the most unlikely of injuries.

When Kazuya was wheeled back, the nurse looked at Yuya, then at Kazuya’s mother before helping Kazuya back onto the bed.
“The results of his x-ray will come out shortly,” she promised “We’d hazard a sprain at best though, but just to be sure.”
“Dumbass,” Yuya teased “Who told you to flip off the stage?”
“Shut up,” Kazuya kicked him off the bed.

“You’re lucky it’s not worse,” Kazuya’s mother scolded gently. “You have to be careful. I’m sure many people are now worried.”
Jin was still holding back laughter at the wheelchair, seeing Kazuya roll around in it was hilarious at best. “Maybe they’ll have to amputate both of your legs and I’ll have to stop being an idol to be your caretaker,” he suggested innocently.

He got a death glare in return and it didn’t help that Yuya was near dying of laughter on the floor. Kazuya sighed and waited for the results, he looked at his mother “I’m sorry for worrying you, but really I’m fine. Can you take me home now?”

“We’ll wait for the results first, then we can go home. I’ll take Jin home for the night, you need to rest up,” she told the boy firmly. Jin pouted a little but he actually agreed. Kazuya seemed exhausted and they both needed to rest up and well, when they spent the night in the same place they rarely rested for the majority.

Kazuya looked like he wanted to protest but he was wary of the nurse and his surroundings. He glanced at Jin and although he knew better than to say it aloud, he wanted nothing more than for the other to come home with him. It was getting so much harder to leave him these days and the longer they kept doing this, the harder it got.
He looked back to his mother and bit his lip, keeping in the obvious protest of “I’m fine.”
If he really was fine, he wouldn’t be bruised and battered as he was.

“I’m sure you are, sweetheart, but you still need to sleep,” his mother told him, not backing off. “He can come over tomorrow.”
“It’s fine Kazuya, I’ll go home and come see you in the morning,” Jin reassured and patted Kazuya on the shoulder.

Kazuya looked at Jin and, not for the first time, wished he could move. Wished that he didn’t have to go away from Jin because as much as he didn’t really want to lower his pride and admit to it, leaving Jin was getting impossible. He wondered if it was him being clingy and concluded it probably was. He had to rein it in before he started creeping the other out.
The nurse returned at last to tell them that Kazuya’s injuries were a sprain and nothing had broken. She prescribed them cream to help the swelling go down and sent them on their way. Kazuya limped his way out, absolutely refusing the wheelchair even though it had been offered.
“Hell no,” he told his mother as he limped his way out.

Kazuya’s mother sighed but let it be. She wasn’t the kind to get angry. She walked to the car with the three boys. Sitting in the backseat with Kazuya, Jin tried to cheer him up.
“I’ll see you tomorrow. We have a day off,” he consoled.

“I know,” Kazuya replied and he didn’t want to trouble Jin. He wanted to make sure Jin knew he was alright and everything was fine. It was, Kazuya was more worried about his own clingy feelings. He didn’t want to scare Jin off with this, he was scaring himself with it.
“Tomorrow,” he promised with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

Kazuya’s mother pulled up in front of Jin’s house and he got off. Thanking her for the ride, he turned to Kazuya and dared to take his hand for a second.
“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he repeated before closing the car door and walking inside. He was tired as hell.

In the back of the car, Kazuya leaned back into the seat and watched Jin disappear inside. He bit his lip and closed his eyes, keeping his thoughts to himself.
He was getting too clingy, he needed to stop that. It was worrying him. His mother started driving them home and Kazuya fell asleep on the way, his worrying thoughts at the forefront of his mind.

Part 2
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