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Mockingbird: Chapter Nine (1/4)

Title: Mockingbird
Authors: mazauric & rikachi
Pairing: Akame
Genre: Drama, romance, suspense, AU
Rating: NC-17
Summary: For months, Jin's been trying to track down a cyber criminal going by the name KRoad. But when the criminal finds Jin first, things get interesting.
Warnings: Criminal activity, twisted laws of computers and hacking
Disclaimer: If we got money from these we'd already be in Japan emptying JE stores.

Chapter Nine

Lying in the middle of one’s own filth was somehow rewarding for Jin. He glanced at the clock, it was hardly eleven in the morning and already Jin had successfully done the only thing he had planned for the day: gotten up from the bed and moved to the couch to mope. He hadn’t showered or shaved in days, his coffee table was filled with take out cups of noodles, all of which hardly even touched. Staring blankly at whatever was on TV, Jin intended to never come out.

To say he had felt guilty would be an understatement. Endless hours of sleeping and refusing to move had made his brain come up with a dozen different solutions he could’ve taken instead of giving Kazuya up to the police. But what was done was done and all that was left for Jin to lie in the bed he had made.

When his phone started ringing, Jin contemplated rejecting the call like he had to all the others, but the knowledge that he had been missing from work for days and hadn’t replied to a single call from Kase made him reluctantly pick up the phone and get the yelling over with. The news playing in the background, once again telling the tale of the Kamenashi heir being a wanted criminal and replaying the footage of Kazuya’s father disowning his son, Jin answered the call.

“What,” he grunted lazily and kicked his legs up against the living room wall from where he was lying on the couch.

“Akanishi Jin,” Kase sounded both furious and tired but there was a hint of restraint in his voice. After all, Jin had given Kazuya up and cooperated with the police. He’d given them everything they needed to know about Kazuya and K-Road so it wasn’t like Kase could accuse him of anything now. Especially when that was one of his conditions.
Still, as his boss, he couldn’t accept this behaviour.

“You are to come to my office today. I realise the media are looking for answers and you’ll probably find them on your way in but we need to discuss your future with this case and I can’t have you hiding at home while you’re still on the payroll. Now get your ass in here.”
He hung up, he wasn’t taking no for an answer. Kase’s thoughts on Jin’s secret involvement with Kazuya ranged from disgusted to slightly jealous Jin had been so close with the heir of someone Kase himself idolised like a god. Still, what was done was done now and Kamenashi Kazuya was in one of their cells. Kase just needed to deal with Jin.

Jin glanced at the phone and chucked it back on the coffee table before grabbing a blanket and burrowing himself comfortably in it. Like hell he would go. Snoozing off, the TV was left on, playing the news footage Jin had seen numerous times.

An hour passed and finally Jin’s phone buzzed again. The buzzing was incessant, when it went to voicemail, Jin got two seconds of peace before it would buzz again.
On the TV, the same footage showed over and over again before Kase started sending messages.

Jin was woken up by the buzzing and he simply set his phone on silent. Kase could fire him all he wanted, Jin didn’t particularly care anymore. He was content just staying in his apartment until he ran out of money and then moving on the streets.
He wondered what Kazuya was thinking. Did he hate Jin now? Was he cold and lonely in jail? Was he planning to kill Jin if he got the chance?


Lying on his bed, Kazuya ignored the tray of food that had been brought in. He hadn’t eaten since he was thrown in here and the small morsels he had eaten were forced. He didn’t see the point. He’d been betrayed by the one person he thought he could trust more than anyone else in this world and he didn’t see the point in anything anymore.

The media now knew who he was, they were hounding the police headquarters, demanding interviews and answers. Even if they could get through the police and into the cells, all they’d find is Kazuya. Listless and lying on his bed like he had been doing ever since he came here. He didn’t get up, he didn’t exercise, he only ever moved to use the bathroom and since he’d been starving himself, he hadn’t even really needed to do that lately.

Jin. All he kept thinking about was Jin. Where was he. What was he doing. At times he dreamed about killing Jin and was always remorseful and horrified with how far his mind could go. He was angry at him but he didn’t want to be angry at him. He was pissed off that he still loved the man and yet at the same time, he understood how he could never be out of love with the man. Akanishi Jin was a confusing influence on his life and right now, Kazuya easily hated him and loved him.

His cellmate, who was eyeing him from the other side of the cell, glanced at the tray of food that was going cold, and turned his eyes back to Kazuya “You need to eat that.”
“You eat it,” Kazuya waved his hand listlessly.
“Hey, I don’t fancy the idea of being stuck in here with a skeleton,” Ryo snapped, he got up off his bed and stomped over to the tray to pick up the food. He hovered over Kazuya, about to stuff the bread in his mouth and stopped when he saw Kazuya’s face.

Ryo groaned and put the bread down again before sitting on the end of Kazuya’s bed “God you piss me off.”
Kazuya didn’t bother with a reply. He didn’t see the point. He’d been shoved in this cell with Nishikido Ryo and all he knew about him was that he’d been put in here by someone he hadn’t predicted either. The man was quick to anger and said the name ‘Tatsuya’ in his sleep a lot but Kazuya hadn’t bothered to find out much more about him. It wasn’t like any of it mattered anyway, he’d either die by the police or die by someone else. Jin wasn’t there anymore so what did he care?

Ryo huffed “At the very least, be an interesting suicidal person. The last inmate I had tried to cut his throat with a spoon.”
“You have an interesting opinion on entertainment,” Kazuya mumbled.
Ryo rolled his eyes “I can’t believe I’m hearing that from the ‘Greatest Criminal Hacker of our Time’” he muttered and glared at Kazuya “That’s what the media hounds are apparently calling you anyway. You’re both a hero and a monster.”
“You sound jealous,” Kazuya smirked.
Ryo huffed “Damn right. You get betrayed and hailed both hero and monster. I get betrayed and my ass is left here to rot with suicidal inmates,” he shook his head “If I ever get my hands on that fucking fairy I’ll-”

“Strangle him?” Kazuya looked up “That worked so well last time.”
Ryo grumbled and smacked Kazuya’s legs out of the way so he could lean back on the bed “My point is, it’s boring in here and if you’re going to play dead before you’re actually dead, the least you could do is be interesting somehow.”
Kazuya sighed “The sweatpants I’m wearing are easy to pull down,” he offered “Just make sure to pull them back up when you’re done with me. Don’t want cum on my sheets.”
“Don’t be an asshole all your life, you’re not even my type,” Ryo grumbled. He looked at Kazuya “So? How are you going to die then? Starvation takes too long.”

“Well…” Kazuya shrugged “I have two options. Either I’m given the maximum penalty and the state kills me...or my father will find me and he’ll kill me.”
It was in the cards and he was too smart to think it wouldn’t happen. He knew what his father was capable of and he was just waiting for either option. What was the point anymore? Jin was gone, Kazuya had nobody left to hang onto.
He’d rather get this over with.

Just then, the door to their cell opened. Stepping in with a few subordinates, Kazuya’s father looked around and gave the guard on duty the promised money.
“You’ll look the other way for half an hour,” he told the guard and then turned to Kazuya. “Let’s go then,” he told Kazuya matter-of-factly. He gestured to his men who went and grabbed Kazuya, tying his hands.

Kazuya’s father wasn’t dumb. He knew Kazuya knew something now that he’d turned out to be KRoad. After all, KRoad had stolen some precious documents that, if released, would bring his business to a questionable light.

Ryo blinked and watched as Kazuya was dragged up. The boy hadn’t eaten but even if he had, he still wouldn’t have put up a fight. Kazuya was dead weight as the subordinates pulled him up and tied his hands.
“Hey!” he grabbed Kazuya’s arm and got up to face the others “What are you doing?!”
“Stay out of it,” Kazuya muttered to him, turning his eyes at last to his father and smiling “Bet you’re pretty pissed off now, aren’t you dad?”

“You’re no longer my son,” Kamenashi whizzed and gestured for his men to take Kazuya away to the van that was waiting outside. He then turned to Ryo. “If the word gets out, you’re a dead man,” he told him and walked away, slamming the cell door shut.

Ryo stared after them, still a little unable to believe what had just happened. Kazuya had seen it coming, it had been one of the two options.
Leaning against the bars, Ryo stared down the cell block and wondered if anyone was going to find out about this. Was anyone going to come after him? Was anyone going to ask questions about where he’d gone? He went and sat back on his bed, wondering just how much he’d charge to give anyone answers this time.


Only a few hours went by before Jin arrived to the prison. He slammed the door open and told the guard to beat it. Kazuya’s escape was covered news, only the police knew about it, and they intended to keep it that way. Jin walked to Ryo’s cell and grabbed the bars.
“What do you know?” he asked impatiently. “How did he escape?“ Still unshaven, Jin had taken a mere short shower before storming out.

Ryo looked up from where he’d been sitting on Kazuya’s bed and smirked. He knew someone would come. He leaned back against the wall and sighed “Well now you can’t just expect me to help you for no reason,” he hummed “My life was threatened after all, if I tell you where he went, how will you pay me back?”

Jin sighed. He wasn’t in mood to bargain with convicts.
“We’ll shorten your sentence if you cooperate. And arrange special protection,” he offered through gritted teeth. It was a generous offer Kase would tell him off for, Jin just wanted information now.

Ryo hummed in feigned interest, he looked Jin up and down and shrugged “One more thing and I’ll tell you where he went,” he bargained “I want out now and I want to see the asshole who put me back in here. You help me do that, I’ll help you rescue your little ragdoll.”
He smiled “You don’t have much time by the looks of what I saw.”

Jin growled to himself. He couldn’t possibly do that as a police officer.
“I can’t offer you that, you know it,” he hissed. Unknown to him, he had given away the urgency of the situation by offering such a good deal right away.

“Aww, of course you can’t Mr Police Officer,” Ryo purred, he leaned back on the bed and sighed “It’s a shame the law has its limits. Thanks to those very same limits, your precious K-Road is probably going through a world of pain and you can’t do a damn thing about it.”
He looked at Jin “Because really, as a police officer, what the fuck can you do? Nothing it seems. You can even be bought off while that kid is being taken away,” he nodded where the previous guard had been and laughed “And you guys are on the side of justice? Give me a fucking break.”

Jin crossed his arms and thought it over. The police had very limited things they could do to get Kazuya back. And Ryo was the only one who had been present besides the guard who had obviously already been bribed over since he claimed amnesia. Leaning in, Jin hissed.
“If I get you out of here, will you help me getting Kazuya back?” he bargained. He didn’t care about his job anyway, all he cared about was finding Kazuya.

“If you meet my conditions, get me out of here and help me find the fucker who did this to me, I’ll help you save his tiny ass,” Ryo folded his arms and watched Jin with interest. Ryo wasn’t completely out of the loop after all, he knew a couple of things. Like the big deal with K-Road and how it all ended. He knew who Jin was but that was only because he happened to be in prison when it happened.

“I’ll be back tonight. Be ready to leave at eleven,” Jin told Ryo. He knew he’d have to go in hiding afterwards himself, he’d get caught and they’d come after him. But he needed to find Kazuya. Find out what he was up to, how he had escaped and why.

Ryo just smiled and waved him off “Adios.”


In his office, Kamenashi’s men walked Kazuya to a chair and sat him down on it. Kamenashi followed with a frown on his face. Once Kazuya was tied, he told the others to go, leaving him and Kazuya alone in the room.
“Thought you could sabotage my business behind my back, huh? You ungrateful bastard,” he started off, approaching Kazuya on the chair. His eyes were twinkling dangerously as he leaned in, inspecting Kazuya’s face carefully.

Kazuya, who was devoid of energy anyway, looked at his father and smiled “Nice to see you too father, how have you been doing? Me? Oh I’ve been having LOADS of fun watching you scratch your ass trying to figure out who the fuck has been hacking into your business and unloading all your company secrets one by one!”
He grinned “By the way, is that always how you win women over? By kidnapping them and raping them and basically keeping them until you finally get bored of them and make them disappear? It’s very romantic, no wonder mum loved you.”

“I should have allowed your mother to abort you,” Kamenashi snarled. “Oh you’ve been a troublemaker alright. Too bad you’re now caught and can’t spill the beans. No one cares about you, no one will give a fuck about your disappearance. Tell me, Kazuya, how does it feel to not be wanted by anyone a second of your life? To have no one care about you?” he inquired silkily.

For a moment, Kazuya’s eyes turned from dead to furious. The red hot rage that had caused him to kill Kina returned for only a moment before it disappeared. He wanted to say someone still cared but Jin didn’t. Nobody cared and he knew it.
That was why he hadn’t fought when they came to take him away.
He looked away “Whatever. It was fun to see you so confused and scared for your precious company.”

After a moment, he turned his eyes back to his father “How did you enjoy nearly dying at the hospital? Did you honestly think the nurses would fuck up your medical reports like that? I only wish I had access to a security camera to see you have a seizure on the bed like the worm you are.”

Kamenashi chuckled.
“I’ll give you a chance to keep your worthless life. Work for me,” he proposed. “You’ve been a bad investment, Kazuya, and as you know, I can’t stand bad investments.” Humming, he grabbed Kazuya’s cheeks in his hand, squishing them. “And killing you wouldn’t bring my money back.”

“Don’t touch me!” Kazuya hissed, he wished he had access to his arms so he could shake the bastard off. Instead what he could do was rip his face out of his grip and turn it the other way. He panted a little and glared at the man “What? You want me to be your bitch again?”

“No, you’ll just work for me. Put that brain of yours to use and make me some money. Well, now that you mention it, I’ll have to check how much people would be willing to pay for you to be their bitch...” he mused out loud and tilted his head. “You did get your mother’s slutty look after all.”

Kazuya glared at the man. He didn’t say anything for a moment but then he pulled his head back and spat at his father’s face. Kazuya leaned back in his chair and laughed “Fuck you asshole. The best thing about being someone with nothing to live for and nobody who cares about him is the fact that I don’t give a fuck what you do to me now. Kill me, toss me, who fucking cares?”

Kamenashi’s eyes flashed and he smirked.
“Oh no one cares about you alright. But that doesn’t mean you care about no one. What if something was to happen... Say, to Akanishi Jin for example,” he suggested innocently. “What if someone took a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, hm?”

Kazuya gave himself away too soon. He wasn’t even able to hide the alarm on his face at the mere thought of someone killing Jin. Sure, he’d thought about doing so himself but he was always horrified and disgusted with himself afterwards.
After all, he still loved the bastard.
He was also smart enough to know his father would be able to kill a police officer like Jin and get away with it too. He gritted his teeth “He’s the one who put me behind bars, what makes you think I give a fuck?!”

“My poor, naïve Kazuya,” Kamenashi hummed. “Do you think I don’t know what you did in his apartment while you lived there? How you screamed in ecstasy while being fucked by him? KRoad was obsessed with Akanishi. And you’re KRoad so... Tell me, since when have you spread your legs for him?” Kamenashi grabbed Kazuya’s hair, forcing his head to stay still so he could look him in the eyes.

Kazuya wanted to fight him off but the man was holding his face so hard he was going to bruise him, he wanted to spit at him again but he was too furious. He glared at the man he was unfortunate enough to have to call his blood relation and gritted his teeth. The man knew Kazuya still loved Jin. Jin was his weakness.
“I’ll do what you want,” he hissed, every word physically and mentally aching “Don’t. Touch. Him.”

“Good boy,” Kamenashi smirked. “First things first, you’ll rebuild CottonRoad. The revenue comes to me. You’ll be supervised 24/7 in your cell so don’t get any ideas. If I get suspicious, your precious Jin is dead.”

Kazuya could only glare at him. He had him in a corner here. Kazuya wasn’t dumb enough to think Jin would be able to escape his father’s wrath. Kamenashi was a very powerful man and Jin may be a police officer but he wasn’t safe.
“Fine. Just let me ask one thing,” he stared at the man and finally allowed himself to relax a little “You have her don’t you? Mizukawa.”

“She’s been a very profitable addition,” Kamenashi smiled. “I have my way with her occasionally as well. Poor woman discovered something she shouldn’t have. Came at a high price.” Kamenashi walked around Kazuya, looking over his body. “Maybe I should make that kind of profit with you as well.”

Kazuya took a deep breath and looked bored “I don’t care what the fuck you do to me, or her. She got on my nerves.”
He leaned back in his seat “Do what you want. You win anyway. I’m just surprised you weren’t able to tame my whore of a mother.”

“She had the legal status as your mother. Letting her go was my bribe for her to keep quiet about it. Plus she’s famous.” Kamenashi called for the men to take Kazuya away. “You’ll start working right away. Remember, I’ve got my guns pointed at Akanishi Jin,” he reminded one more time as Kazuya was walked to his prison.

Kazuya gritted his teeth but he said nothing. He walked with the men back to his prison with his hands tied, fists clenching with frustration.
It was sad. Even pathetic. How Jin obviously didn’t give a shit about him. He’d turned him in. Left him to rot in prison and yet Kazuya…
Kazuya closed his eyes. He was probably going to be a slave for the rest of his life. All because he was still in love with Akanishi Jin.


When the night came around, Ryo was lying on his bed….or rather...Kazuya’s bed. He put his hands behind his head and waited.
Soon, soon he’d get the fuck out of here and return to the one person who’d done this to him...thus the one person who could reverse it. He knew Ueda Tatsuya was still pissed off at him for what he’d done but Ryo was more pissed off at him for handing him into the police the way he had.

To give them props, at least his story was nothing like what seemed to be happening between K-Road and Akanishi Jin. A criminal hacker and a police officer, it almost sounded like the setup for a bad joke to Ryo.
He heard the guards walking his way, their shiny boots clicking on the concrete and closed his eyes. He’d help the fucker. That was the deal after all but after this...after this he was tracking down Ueda Tatsuya and he was not letting that man go ever again.
Akanishi Jin should take a page from his book. Boyfriends just responded so much better when you caged them in and trapped them in impossible situations. Tatsuya had called him every single name under the sun but he still moaned for him.

When he heard a noise, Ryo looked up. He smiled. Showtime.

Jin had a cell phone in his hand, ready to unlock Ryo’s cell door. He had hacked into the door system earlier but for now, he needed to take out the guards. He moved quietly and first knocked out the guard nearest to the jail door. Then it was the other guard’s turn and when the coast was clear, Jin opened the cell door.
“Quick then,” he muttered to Ryo under his breath and grabbed his arm to make sure the man wouldn’t just run off without holding his end of the deal.

“I need my shit,” Ryo hissed back. He came out of the cell easily enough but used Jin’s grip on his arm to drag the man with him towards the guards desks where the keys were kept. Personal items were kept in the backroom and somehow Ryo seemed to know exactly what he was doing when he grabbed the keys he needed and turned to Jin.
“This will go a lot faster if I have my stuff with me. Come on.”

There were still more guards between the prison and the lockers Ryo needed to get to but the man appeared to not be taking no as an answer. He opened the door and the first guard he saw, Ryo’s fist hit him so fast in the throat. The guard choked and fell to his knees in time for Ryo to knock him out and continue on his way.

Jin winced but he couldn’t leave Ryo here. Following him reluctantly, he tried to avoid hitting other guards. Knocking people out wasn’t as simple as it was in movies, it could cause permanent brain damage at the worst.

Whereas Ryo didn’t seem to care how bad he hurt the guards. There was one guard who got in his way and Ryo made him bleed. When he finally got into the lockers, he grabbed his stuff and armed himself.
“Alright,” he turned to Jin as he slipped a knife into his jeans “Let’s get the fuck out of here. I assume you have a hideout?”

“We’ll live in motels. I rented a car with false ID so we should get a few days before they regain our tracks,” Jin told Ryo as they made their way outside. He had parked the car in front of the doors and slipped right in. Speeding out of the police station, he started interrogating the second they were a safe distance away.
“Where is he? How did he escape?”

Ryo, who was sorting out his things, leaned back in his chair and shook his head “Your little boy toy was taken away by a man who paid the guard a shitload of cash to keep his mouth shut. I can only assume you know who has enough power to do that.”
He slipped a blade in his coat and continued “The kid didn’t put up a fight either. I don’t think he gave a shit if they killed him then and there. Considering the way his father was looking at him, I’d say he’s either dead now or he will be very soon.”

“So it was his father...” Jin sighed. Breaking Kazuya out of Kamenashi’s place wouldn’t be an easy gig. Jin knew Kazuya’s father would probably kill Kazuya the first chance he got, but there was a thin thread of hope.
“Maybe he won’t kill him. Kazuya would’ve been executed either way, breaking him out of prison wouldn’t make sense if he simply wanted Kazuya dead. He could’ve sent a hitman to do it in jail if he wanted him dead urgently, why take him out first?”

“You’re the expert on Kamenashi’s, you figure it out,” Ryo huffed “Besides, if Kamenashi is anything like me, he won’t want to lose a bad investment. The kid still has some skills he could use, but either or, the fact is he is dangerous and there’s stuff in his head Kamenashi will probably not like going public. The safest bet is to kill him.”
He finished arming himself with his things and leaned back in his chair “If it were me in his position, I’d kill him. To stop him spreading secrets I don’t want spread.”

“Okay so let’s get this over with. Where can we find this lover of yours?” Jin sighed as they drove. He’d rather drop Ryo off and keep going on his own. Ryo would probably be on his way more than anything.

Ryo smiled “Straight to business huh? I like that.”
He took a blade out from his jacket and pointed down the road “The asshole lives in Roppongi. Be prepared. He’s not going to be very happy when he sees me but if you don’t help me out here, I won’t help you save your little turtle.”

“I don’t need your help for that. You give me all the information you have, I’ll drop you off, we’ll never meet each other again,” Jin summed up the plan. The sooner he got rid of Ryo the better. He just wanted to think in peace.

“Hey,” Ryo turned to him “Are you insane? You actually plan to go in there, get the brat and not come out with a million bullet holes in you?”
He huffed and turned back to look at the road “Besides, you don’t even know where he is. I know I’ve told you all I know, but you’ll need backup. Take me and the bitch I’m going to get back.”

“What value do you bring to it? And why do you want in?” Jin inquired suspiciously. “How do I know you won’t just shoot me in the back the second you’re in the Kamenashi mansion so you can loot in peace?” He had absolutely zero reason to trust in Ryo.

“Well let’s see,” Ryo hummed “One. I’m dangerous and if you didn’t know that already, you’re going to find out very soon. Tatsuya and I have no gentle button and we’re going to be good guys on your side. Two. I knew the kid all the time he was my cellmate.”
Which was probably a day at the very least. “I’d like to save the infamous K-Road. Three, he’s loaded and rich. I help you, you get me paid.”

Jin thought it over. Ryo had a point, he could use the extra gunpower if he was going to break in the Kamenashi mansion.
“If I get suspicious, you’re out of the operation,” he finally told Ryo and sped up as they went to the highway.

“Fine, deal,” Ryo smiled to himself and leaned back. First he had to get Tatsuya back on his side but Ryo was nothing if not confident. He’d get him back.

Jin sighed and when he got to Roppongi he started asking for directions from Ryo. Ueda ended up living in what was probably the remotest apartment complex in the whole district and when Jin parked in front of the house, Ryo barely had time to get out of the car before a slipper fell on his head.

“Don’t you fucking dare come in you fucking midget!” Ueda screamed from the balcony, holding his other slipper in his hand, ready to throw it at Ryo if need to.
Jin watched the man with an updrawn eyebrow. He could only hope they wouldn’t create a public spectacle that would make Ueda’s neighbours alert the police.

“You throw that fucking slipper, I’m going to catch it and ram it up your ass!” Ryo screamed up at the balcony. He didn’t seem to give a shit that they were out in public and people might actually notice them. He stomped into the building after gesturing that Jin come with him and was strangely calm as he got into the elevator and jammed on the 6th floor.

He came out, went to Ueda’s door and banged on the wood so hard it was a wonder it didn’t cave in “Come out! You threw me in prison, you fucking fairy!”
A loving relationship they had.

“You fucking deserved it!” Ueda screamed from inside the apartment. Though, he opened the door in fear of having Ryo break it down. Jin was unbelievably uncomfortable as they walked in. Ueda paid absolutely zero attention to Jin as he grabbed a vase full of flowers and tossed it at Ryo next. “Get out! I don’t ever want to see you again!”

“I’d believe that if you actually didn’t just let me in,” Ryo dodged the vase and walked up to grab Tatsuya’s arms and pin him to the wall. He didn’t pay any attention to Jin either, his dark eyes watching Tatsuya closely and his grip on the other was so tight it hurt.
“You fucking traitor. You should have known better than to flirt with some other guy, you knew I was going to beat the shit out of him, that’s no reason to send me to prison!”
He was glaring but there was a promise in his eyes as well, he leaned in a little closer and took Tatsuya’s chin “But I’ll forgive you if you get on your knees, my little fairy.”

“Like hell I will!” Ueda screeched and tried to struggle free. “I was doing business with that guy! You can’t just beat the people who keep me fed and pay my rent! I lost a valuable business partner because of you!” Some flirting was mandatory at times to keep his customers happy. Jin watched the scene awkwardly and looked around, trying to see if there was somewhere he could go so he wouldn’t have to witness this.

“Oh yeah business was it?” Ryo scoffed, he gathered Tatsuya’s wrists and held them up above his head. Pinning them both to the wall with one hand, he then used his free hand to grab Tatsuya’s crotch. He leaned in “Do all your business transactions go like this?” he breathed, getting his face right in Tatsuya’s and nudging his nose with his. He rubbed his hand on Tatsuya’s crotch and flicked his tongue on Tatsuya’s upper lip “You little slut, do you always bend over for the people who keep you fed? Do you let them touch you here?”

He let his hand travel a little lower to fondle Tatsuya’s balls, Ryo breathed “I bet you fucking come for all of them but you forgot you belong to me. I own you.”

Jin coughed and quickly fled to the hallway.
“Let me know when you’re done!” he called into the apartment and closed the door. Tatsuya glanced after Jin and drew up an eyebrow.
“Who is that and why is he here?” he asked and tried to wriggle his wrists loose.

“Akanishi Jin get your ass back in here!” Ryo called “We’re not done yet!”
He seemed to care not an inch that Jin was clearly uncomfortable with seeing Ryo do this to Tatsuya.

He turned back to Tatsuya “So, get on your knees and we’ll continue as if you didn’t throw me behind bars. I’ve got a gig and I need your help. There’s a lot of money in it.”

“If you think I’ll just get on my knees and suck your cock, you’re mistaken,” Ueda told him coolly. “Let me go and I’ll consider.”
Jin was expertly ignoring the command to come back. He wasn’t interested in seeing the two of them fuck.

“Oh no,” Ryo laughed “That’s not how this works. You’re the one who put me in prison and you’re the one who can atone for that. Get on your knees.”
His eyes darkened and he leaned in a little closer until their bodies were pressed together. He leaned in and breathed in his scent from his neck “Still the same…”

Ueda’s heartbeat rose in an instant and it was getting considerably harder for him to think straight. He glanced at the door, making sure Jin was still out of the apartment and then slowly slid down on his knees. He gave Ryo a murderous glare, his hands still held down, and leaned in to pull the man’s fly down with his teeth.

The victory on Ryo’s face was unmistakable. The smirk on his face was clear as day as he kept Ueda’s hands down and waited expectantly.
“You bite, I’ll show you what the true meaning of pain is,” he warmed as his free hand sank into Tatsuya’s hair. This was them. Their relationship. It wasn’t loving and it certainly wasn’t gentle but it was what they had and neither seemed to truly resent it. Ryo watched Tatsuya with dark eyes and he had no intention of keeping their noises down for poor Jin’s ears. Jin was going to hear everything.

Opening the button of Ryo’s jeans with his teeth was hard but when he finally managed it, tugging his pants and underwear down was then easy. He gave Ryo one more ugly look before taking the other’s member in his mouth reluctantly. He hated this man, if he didn’t he wouldn’t have put him in jail. But at the same time, he also wanted him constantly.

Ryo wasn’t gentle, his hips bucked almost immediately and he kept watching Tatsuya. He loved the control he had over the other and yet, a little known fact was that as much as Ryo had control over Tatsuya, Tatsuya had control over Ryo too. It was a destructive relationship.
Before long, he pulled Tatsuya off his cock and pushed him down to the floor with him to start ripping off his clothes. Ryo let go of his hands and took his lips hard “You little bitch,” he hissed between kisses, his body thrusting against Tatsuya’s “You missed my cock.”

“Shut up,” Ueda whizzed but didn’t put up a fight. He even helped Ryo get rid of his clothes. Truth being told, he had missed Ryo’s cock but he’d rather die than admit it out loud. Ueda was ripping Ryo’s clothes off as furiously as Ryo was ripping his, he wanted the fucking over with so he could think straight once again.

Poor Jin, there was nowhere to run and he was only outside of the apartment when Ryo started moaning. Ryo’s hands were all over Tatsuya and his lips were already down on his entrance. Fingers and tongue working to stretch him for the entire thirty seconds he was granted the luxury of being stretched before Ryo slammed inside of him - regardless of whether it hurt.
There was no way Jin didn’t hear every single sound that came from them.

Ueda screamed then, sinking his sharp nails in Ryo’s back as a revenge. Still, Ueda’s hips were thrusting back against Ryo, his legs wrapped around the other’s waist.
Meanwhile, outside Jin was trying very hard not to hear what was going on but it proved to be an impossible task. Ryo and Ueda weren’t exactly quiet.

“You...little...bitch…” Ryo grunted with each thrust, he was nearly grinding Tatsuya into the floor “Can’ did me…”
He bit Tatsuya’s shoulder, his hand sneaking between them to quickly jerk Tatsuya off. His real punishment would come later but for now this would have to do. He always wanted Tatsuya, even though he could happily admit he hated the little bastard 99% of the time.

“You deserved it,” Ueda hissed. His back was aching, being slammed against the hard wooden floor beneath him, but he wasn’t begging for mercy. He pulled at Ryo’s hair and sank his teeth to his throat in response. “You fucking cunt, go faster,” he demanded.

Ryo growled and pulled at Ueda’s hair “If we didn’t have shit to do right now, I would punish you by going slower.”
But he was distinctly aware he had a deal with Jin and he had a job to do before the heir to the Kamenashi mansion (and his bank account) was killed off by his own father. Finishing with a restrained grunt, Ryo tugged on Ueda’s length almost punishingly to finish the other off.

Ueda’s let out a small wail and he was gone within seconds, coming onto Ryo’s hand.
“Well, I’m done, get off me,” Ueda announced coolly and tried to push the other off him. He was very much going to kick Ryo’s ass out of his apartment.

Pulling his pants up, Ryo did his belt up and banged on the door “Jin, get back in here,” he ordered before turning to Tatsuya.
“We have a job,” he told the other as though nothing had happened in the last five minutes “One that’ll get us a shitload of money if we do it right. You in?”

“The gigs you’ve gotten us have been nothing but shit,” Ueda snapped at Ryo. He glanced at Jin as the other walked in, looking colossally uncomfortable. Jin wasn’t at all sure he wanted the two in his team but it seemed very unlikely he’d manage to get Kazuya back on his own.

“This one is a keeper, I promise,” Ryo said, repeating the same thing he said before every single shit job he put Tatsuya through. However this time was different because he had Jin.
He looked at the man and turned to Tatsuya “You remember the K-Road cases right? This guy is the officer in charge of that case, Akanishi Jin.”
He turned to Jin “Akanishi, this is Ueda. He’s a fuckwit but reliable at least for jobs like these.”

“And what is it we’re doing exactly?” Ueda asked skeptically. He didn’t trust Ryo’s judgment at all. Most of the time Ryo just got them in deep shit. The fact that Jin was a police officer didn’t really convince him.
“We’re breaking into Kamenashi mansion and getting KRoad out,” Jin confessed reluctantly. He had no choice but to trust these two to get the job done.

Ueda blinked a few times and then turned to Ryo.
“You have got to be out of your fucking mind. Get out, both of you!” he hissed and started pushing Ryo towards the door. He was not going to prison and trying to break into Kamenashi’s mansion would be a foolproof way to end up arrested.

“Hey, hey!” Ryo protested, grabbing the doorframe to stop Ueda pushing him out completely. He turned around and faced the other “This could be the job of the century! Kamenashi is fucking loaded and I was K-Road’s cellmate, I saw him get taken away by his own father, think of how much he’d pay us if we helped save his fucking life!”
He grabbed Tatsuya’s shoulders “This is the job of the century, this is the one that’s going to get us filthy fucking rich and you’re throwing it away because you’re scared? You pussy!”

“The three of us won’t be able to do it! We’d need to bring in a lot of specialists,” Ueda argued. Still, the thought of robbing Kamenashi appealed to him greatly. He glared back and forth between Ryo and Jin. “We’d need a superb plan. Kamenashi’s security system...”

“I can hack into that one,” Jin butted in. He was thinking it over in his head and already making plans. It would be a grand heist, maybe the biggest one in Japanese history. To get away with it would require a miracle.

“We’ve got the others,” Ryo reminded Ueda “It’s not impossible for us. Sure, we haven’t done shit this crazy before but it’s not like we haven’t done illegal shit before.”
He nudged Jin “Not to mention, this is the first time we’ve had an actual officer of the law on our side too, we can’t lose this one. Imagine what it would be like having K-Road on our side too!”

Ueda thought it over for a second more before turning around to close all the curtains in his apartment.
“This is the craziest shit I’ve ever heard,” he muttered as he closed the last curtains. He then turned to the two others with a huge grin. “I love it.”

Jin sat down at the table.
“I know the Kamenashi mansion, I’ve worked there. But it’s safe to assume Kazuya’s not anywhere in the common rooms. I think we can assume he’s sealed somewhere with high security and difficult access. First things first, we need a snitch to go on and map the area as well as they can.”

“That’ll be Nakamaru,” Ryo decided, sitting down at the table with Jin “He’s good at that stuff, like a mouse.”
He turned his eyes to Tatsuya for a moment and returned to Jin “You know the layout, bossman, we’ve got the skills to get in and do this. First of all though, I think we need to find some way to see whether or not your bird is even still alive.”

“Can he pass as a maintenance worker? It would be ideal if he can map the area and install some bugs where possible,” Jin reasoned. “We also need to hire one hell of a driver to make it out with everyone and the money. A truck driver.”
“Tanaka,” Ueda butted in. “He works together with Nakamaru. He’s the craziest guy I know.”

“When it comes to footwork and weapons, you’re looking at the two more resourceful people you will ever meet,” Ryo added with a grin “Tatsuya here can’t be trusted with knives because he can’t throw or stab for shit,” he pointed to Tatsuya’s missing slipper and turned to Jin “But he can use other weapons. If it comes to it, we’re good for that. So is Tanaka.”

“Sure, you can use that stealth shit to stab people but I’d like to see you assassinate a person from a hundred feet away,” Ueda shot back. “That being said, we need someone who can handle explosives. You still got his address?” he asked Ryo.
“Whose address?” Jin butted in curiously.

Ryo scrunched up his nose but took out his phone and tapped the screen until he found what he was looking for.
“Yeah I still have his address,” he admitted and looked at Tatsuya “This is assuming he hasn’t moved yet or blown up his house, remember that last time?”

“Who are we talking about?” Jin asked.
“Taguchi Junnosuke. He has a habit of blowing things up out of nowhere. It’s his specialty. Well, he mainly does it to mask his death when he’s wanted but I believe he’s been in one place for quite some time now.”
Jin shivered. He knew Taguchi Junnosuke. He had lived under the impression that he had died in a heist gone wrong five years ago.

Ryo rolled his eyes “If we’re going to bring Taguchi into this, then we need our doc as well. I’m not losing an arm over that guy’s stupidity. Call Pi in too.”
Their beloved doctor...who lost his license to practice medicine years ago over a couple of ‘minor’ incidents that ended with him serving jail time quite a few times.

Jin wanted to protest but he knew they needed a lot of people to pull this off.
“Then call those people in and let’s get them here. We need to start planning,” he told Ryo and Tatsuya. He looked at his clock and wondered if Kazuya was in grand pain at the very moment. The thought of Kazuya’s father selling him on to some creeps to use passed but he pushed it aside right away. He just needed to focus on this plan and get Kazuya back.

Ryo nodded and pulled out his phone, he turned to Ueda “You call Tanakamaru, I’ll get Taguchi and Pi around.”
He looked at Jin “As for you, Tatsuya has a computer, though you might want to go back to your apartment and get your stuff. I think we’ll be here for awhile.”

Part 2
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